Visualia Festival
11 September, 2020

25 metres below the surface Reaktorhallen will again become an experimental test facility as audiovisual performances and installations take space. Visualia is an event co-created by and for artists, exploring club culture to its fullest.

Performances by Martin Kling / PRO424, Virtuoso, ssusui / Concat Function, Jaime Reyes & Håkan Lidbo (Rumtiden), petit sapin / Memory Lake , Niklas Alriksson (Glimt) / Brenda El Rayes, Servando Barreiro / Joakim Hellgren, Spherical Aberration / SASTHOR, Away From People / Skaggis, Hexagons / P A U. & YXA and MAGMA.

Installations from Torbjörn Fernström, David Carvajal, EBO, Telepathic, Mindlab Space Art Collective, Per-Olov Jernberg (Svartljus, Rumtiden) and re|thread/KMH.

Open Stage width Annie Tådne (remote) / Tom Waldton, Folded Visuals (remote), IAKDS, Allenheimer (remote), Volta and EBO.

We are using this Tech-kit from Smart Kreativ Stad and a Kvant FB4 Laser provided by Laserboy to those that wish to use it.

Open call (closed)



There is no monetary compensation. In return, we will provide you with a stage, and documentation of the event and performance.


  • 20.07.13 Open call start
  • 20.08.03 Open call end
  • 20.08.04 Invited artists announced by email
  • 20.09.11 Performance


The experimental reactor R1 was in active use until 1970, and disassembled 1982. Measurements were made for any remaining radiation, which left a visible grid system. Supposedly, there's more radiation on the surface.

Visualia is made by Jonas Johansson, Adam Siversen Ljung, Moa Forsberg and Gunilla Östblom.

Thanks to Leif Handberg for having us, and VR Sci Fest for sharing the space with us for a few days.