Tour de Lux

Tour de Lux is a rolling parade of projections, where "Beamer Bikes" are built in order to present urban audiovisual screenings. With support from Nordisk Kulturfond and Opstart NAVA is building three bikes, where each Nordic design teams receive a budget. Through an open call, the following teams have been selected:

Image by MAPP_MTL

Open Call


We are looking for designers, makers, creatives who can by themselves or (preferably) in a small team produce a bicycle capable of mobile outdoor projections.


The design teams will share a total budget of €2500 for production. There is no additional monetary compensation. It is up to the teams to distribute the funds, but expenses must be communicated.

NAVA will provide the framework, assist with reaching out to technical partners (projectors), facilitate the work process, set up digital infrastructure and provide marketing material.


Presentation of project happens during spring 2021. Rest of schedule TBC


What is a Beamer Bike?

Not sure if this is something we made up, but what we mean are bikes with space for projector, computer and battery. Watch this video of VJ Suave for a better understanding.

What happens when the bike is built?

Together we will share a common vision regarding the content to be presented, a discussion which all design teams are welcome to participate in. We will then host an open call for content to be screened. Content can come from many places, from collaborations with schools to short films. It can be games, or live audiovisual content. The point is to activate young creatives, and shake up the more seasoned ones.

Image by MAPP_MTL