Spring, 2021

CCTV by Martin Kling is an audiovisual community, documenting and developing the cultural scene in Stockholm. In his own words "Hearing and seeing is equally important in CC experiences. Its coherence is space and time. What is seen shall be as enjoyable as what is heard."

As the stage remain closed during 2021, creating momentary blitzes of otherwordly experiences is both increasingly challenging and exciting. We see this as an opportunity for a micro-residency of sorts, and look forward to experimenting our way into summer.

Image by Martin Kling

Lineup TBD.

0509 S((o))un((d))ay

On certain Sundays, Curt Lundberg seizes the reigns, inviting experimental music and sound artists into the vision of CCTV.

Attend the Facebook event and watch the stream.

0417 CCTV Live

Shortly after the opening there was a break-in where a lot of valuable gear was stolen. It was a mortal blow, but not fatal, and we have moved on. Mentally, as well as physically. We are now at VĂ€rmeverket, in a fantastic venue! Celebrating this, we are re-booting, and doing it in style.

Attend the Facebook event and watch the stream.

0306 CCTV Live

For the launch of CCTV, Martin and his team are bringing together some of the best in the electronic music scene, while inviting NAVA to curate the Saturday visual experience. Expect to see some Visualia superstars in this adventure of visual weirdness!

Read more about the event on Resident Advisor and Facebook. And watch the stream on the CCTV Vimeo.

Image by Martin Kling