Nordic Audiovisual Artists (NAVA) is a community focused on empowering the field of audiovisual art.

The idea for NAVA came in 2016 when [Rasmus Stride](<>) invited [Jonas Johansson]( to perform visuals at the Roskilde Festival Countdown stage. During the day of the performance, all visual artists had time to meet and exchange - An experience so simple yet rewarding, *it had to continue.*
A few months earlier [Owen Hindley](<>) and [Atli Bollason](<>), invited artists for work on [Harpa](<>), the Reykjavik Concert Hall. During this time, Jonas and Owen worked at the same studio, and together with Atli they produced a series of light animation that were presented during Sónar Reykjavik.
In 2017, [Katrín Hauksdottir](<>) joined the team and continued (as NAVA) to produce experiences for Harpa ([Light Organ](<>), [Tiny/Massive](<>)), [Sónar](<>) and Roskilde; Primarily through open calls pairing musicians and visual artists. *A formula which seemed equally original as obvious.*
In 2019 Sónar Rekjavik came to an end and Iceland ceased to be the common ground, even so, NAVA left with a bang with [Skaðablót](<>) and continue to produce work throughout the nordics; Most recently in 2022 with [Nordic Lights](<>), a pan-nordic collaboration between [Aavistus](<>), [Nonagon](<>) and [Monument](<>).
In 2023 NAVA facilitated and led a network trip to Berlin with leads from Aavistus and Nonagon. Days of sharing challenges, learnings and dreams of the future, with evenings and nights at [Transmediale](<>) & [CTM](<>) festival sites.

Looking towards the future, NAVA is evolving into a network creating purposeful projects and gatherings for AV festivals and initiatives, including both the arctic and the baltic into their community.

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