Nordic Audiovisual Artists is a community with the sole purpose of empowering the field of audiovisal arts. Our first real-world manifestation took place during Sónar Reykjavik 2018 where invited artists performed, collaborated and helped guide us into the future.

2018 Roskilde participants: Lars Buchholtz, Kristin Wichstrom, Vertigo, Mad es, Jakob Fyledal, Hackstage, Camille Doussy, Amalie Smed Dawids

Open call

Countdown stage, Roskilde Festival 2019
29 June-7 July

NAVA and Roskilde Festival is again inviting artists resident in Denmark, Sweden and Norway to perform live visuals (VJ) at the Countdown stage. Selected artists will be paired with booked music acts for a collaborative and unique performance.

Join the team and help co-create this years audiovisual experience at the Countdown stage!




Countdown stage at Roskilde

NAVA is made possible by the Nordic Culture Fund.